EForce Compliance Recycling Day - "Anything with a Plug" Saturday, October, 19, 2013 - 9am-1pm

Oct. 19

Saturday, 10/19 from 9 am - 1 pm*: Join us for a FREE* Recycling Collection Event "Anything with a Plug" at Exton Square Mall parking lot across just off Route 100.


* A $20 processing fee will be required to accept TVs and Computer Monitors.  Acceptable items include: Computers, keyboards and mice, CRTs and monitors, modems and telephone boards, hard drives, floppy drives and CD ROMs, phones, fax machines and telecommunication hardware, printers, computer boards, CPUs, memory chips, circuit boards, connecting wires and cable TVs!

*Come early! Once all of our recycling containers are full we will not be able to accept drop-offs. :: eForce Compliance:: A new way to increase recycling and to reduce your organization's carbon footprint.  eForce Compliance is a premier recycling company that offers an innovative one call recycling system that allows organizations to recycle plastics, paper, electronics and universal waste through their 360one system...